Tubular Skylights

Daylighting Deconstructed

ODL's Tubular Skylight is a fairly simple concept: a rooftop dome captures and then funnels light through a reflective tube to the ceiling. The Tubular Skylight diffuser spreads light evenly into your home. A 10" diameter Tubular Skylight lights up to 150 sq. ft.; the 14" tubular skylight lights up to 300 sq. ft. And our patented dome optics redirect light to maximize the levels coming into your home. You'll always be getting the most out of the available light, even when the sun is low in the sky. Our Tubular Skylights are designed for shingle and tile roofs, flat roofs and sloped roofs. They can even be used in homes with cathedral ceilings (a minimum of 6" between roof and ceiling is recommended).

We designed our Tubular Skylights to be installed easily and perform brilliantly for you. This is why they're a wise decision.

Advantages of ODL Tubular Skylights

Roof Dome Makes the Most of Natural Light
Our patented Solar Lens® technology maximizes outdoor light by bending and moving it through the light tube to bring you the most indoor light possible, even in early morning, late afternoon, or winter. The tubular skylight dome material will not yellow over time or require upkeep, and it's 99% UV resistant.

Roof Flashing Won't Leak
One piece + seamless flashing = no leaking. Flashing anchors the dome to the roof, prevents leaking, and supports the light tube extending from roof to ceiling. Depending on the type and slope of your roof, you'll select one of three flashing options.

Light Tubes Bend, Adjust, and Shine
Two 25" adjustable light tubes combine to give you 48" of interior tube length from the roof to the ceiling. The adjustable tubes give you flexibility to work around joists and rafters in your attic space and to position the tubular skylight to take full advantage of the sun on your roof. Each tube rotates up to 45 degrees.

The reflective mirrored interiors maximize the light that comes into your home. You can specify one of two reflective levels.

Ceiling Trim Ring Fits Snugly
The tubular skylight's ceiling trim ring fits tightly over the end of the light tube to let light in—not the weather—and minimizes heat loss from your home.

Diffuser Assembly Evenly Transmits Light
The Tubular Skylight diffuser spreads natural light evenly through the interior area. The assembly includes a dual lens which, similar to a double-paned window, provides a level of insulation and prevents air leakage. It also reduces solar heat gain. A low profile skylight diffuser is standard, but you can also choose a contoured diffuser option.
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